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In addition to our activities MontañActiva workshops, we are specialized in mountain routes, choosing between modes of hiking, trekking and mountain biking.

We adapt the contents of the activity to the needs of each group, notwithstanding you can also choose activities "to the letter" for 1 or more days, with or without full board, including if necessary social support.





For more information and / or reservations do not hesitate to contact us. We can prepare the activity according to your expectations and requirements.

Estimated completion time:
Level of difficulty:
2-3 h. This activity can be carried out by all, children, adults and elderly since there are no big climbs and its pathway runs along trails and streams.
2 h.
Estimated completion time:
Level of difficulty: MEDIUM
4-5 h. This march will cross the valley of san blas, reaching an altitude of 1300 M. The entire route runs along wide pathways and most of it is closed to traffic except for the area of the glen and down to the Virgin of the Rosary Chapel.
2 h.
Estimated completion time: Level of difficulty: HIGH AND LONG WAY 3 - ROUTE BACK TO THE NAJARRA
5-6 h.
On this route we will climb the peak of the "Najarra", reaching an altitude of 2106 m. From there you will walk though to "Cuerda Larga" to go down to "Ventisquero del Ratón" until "Hoyo Cerrado" and from there you will continue down the valley of "San Blas" til you reach departure point.

Morcuera, cuerda larga y hoyo cerrado

Hiking (low / medium / high) . The low level of difficulty is recommended for children and people very unaccustomed to the mountain.
. The medium level of difficulty is recommended for people with physical fitness and knowledge of the mountain.
. The high level of difficulty is recommended for adults with excellent physical shape with a good knowledge of the mountain.
Trekking (low / medium / high)
Mountain Bike (low / medium / high)
The difficulty level is indicative, and both the distance and the steps, the physical form of the individual or groups' members, and the specially the season of the year in which the activity is made, are important when assessing their difficulty. It is best to contact us and tell us about your group to assess the route you desire to carry out.

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